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Some people have been asking for tips advices about what they can do to take good care of their hair.
My hairstylist Kako Neves you can search about, he has an amazing hair salon/bar/tattoo shop (Illusion Beauty Club at Lx Factory In Lisbon) call it whatever loool you have everything you need there. 

He provided me with these products that I've been using about 6 weeks and honestly my hair looks healthier, shiny, very soft, less heavy. Cause this girl here has a long and heavy hair believe me, and there's no way I'm going to stop using this products, once again, amazing.

Milk_shake glistening argan oil:  
 The non-greasy, light formula distributes easily throughout hair giving it an incredible shine and making it healthier and as smooth as silk.
 And smell so good.

Urban Tribe 03.2 Iron Shield:
  Heat protective spray! Use it before brushing, either straightening your hair our curling it.

No Inhibition Volumizing & Styling Foam:
  Bodifier and volumizing with a natural control fix the style, with guarana and organic extracts.

And my favorite deep treatment/hair mask.
It gets my hair so soft a and shiny, regardless what colour or type of hair.

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