I never had problems with saying what I think, but certainly saying what I feel is a big one. Right now feeling like a monster and that I let him down, heavy drama, I have hurt him..  I'm dying to have a second chance and live the yesterday again. I would have open my heart and say that I have the fear of losing him. Is he going to treat me differently after knowing the unsecured me? Is he going to accept the limitations that I didn't know I have? I hate to say sorry and I hate when people who do, now in fact I did also. I betrayed myself letting this insecurity take over me.
Now, reflecting what can I do starting today, my main need is to make him happy, and talk, communicate with him. He's my world since day one. Such a good heart and an amazing person. I should never make him feel like I did yesterday. For me to be happy he needs to be happy. 
Did I ruin something inside his heart?
Did I broke our trust and partnership?
I'll make this question myself.
I need to know if I'm still worthy to deserve to be by his side. Not for a small amount of time but yes for the rest of my life. 

After all our differences we are soul-mates. And I facing this situation as how lucky I am to have him and also how hard he is trying to understand me and be there for me. My baby ❤️

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