I never wanted to be a princess, since I was a child, I remember precisely when I buried all my barbies. But the thing is, the best "fairy tale" character that has most similarities to my "get your feet back on the ground" moment is.. The  Snow Queen. Wait a minute not talking about Hans Christian Andersen fairy-tale but yes about Joan D. Vinge science fiction/fantasy novel.

I'm having a great reading.

Here some quotes.

But what force in the galaxy is stronger than she is?"

"Indifference." Jerusha surprised herself with the answer. "Indifference, Gundhalinu, is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don't stand a chance against it. It lets neglect and decay and monstrous injustice go unchecked. It doesn't act, it allows. And that's what gives it so much power


Real power is control. Knowing that you can do anything...and not doing it only because you can.


Joan D. Vinge, The Snow Queen

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